PRAC – Winter edition 2018 – Research Driven Mission

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This issue of PRAC focuses on research and trends identified in the 2016 NCLS. How these trends compare to past years and what we should do with that information including reflections for local churches, using NCLS to shape your church’s goals and practical tools for using your report.

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Taking Church On The Run – helping people find purpose in their passion.

During a dark night of anguish and disappointment Jimmy Brown felt the strong call of God, to relinquish his paid role as a Baptist minister, and to reach a specific Read more

Evangelism In A Skeptical World – book review

It’s hard to find anyone in a Baptist church who doesn’t passionately believe in evangelism, and its equally hard to find a church that doesn’t have meaningful connections with their Read more

Discipleship Checklist for Churches

Discipleship for churches is a bit like healthy eating for people: we all know we need to but we don’t necessarily have a plan in place and even if we Read more

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Following the success of our Christmas Outreach video, The Other Story, which reached 27,000 people Crossover has worked again this Easter, with Will Small, an Australian Baptist Youth Read more

Christmas Resources

The Other Story – Christmas 2018

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Enterprise As Mission – Unleashing Your Church’s Entrepreneurs

We’re pretty good as a movement when it comes to encouraging our members to ‘witness at work’. Increasingly we are even becoming open to entrepreneurial activities, often connected to the Read more