A new series hosted by Karl Faase of Olive Tree Media demonstrating the depth of influence of the Gospel message on Australia. The team drove from the cities to the outback of Australia in an iconic Holden ute, unearthing stories from history and today of people whose lives have been changed by Jesus, and who have deeply influenced this nation.

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Great Books to Give Away

Lending or giving away a book is one great way to share Jesus. Here’s some we recommend:


Paul Langham's Who? is simply the New Testament written as a single exciting story that reads like a novel.

A Fresh Start

With his famous honest humour, John Chapman tells us what God has done about our deepest need.

Confronting Christianity

Rebecca McLaughlin explores 12 questions that keep many people from considering faith in Christ.

A Doubter's Guide to Jesus

With clarity and insight, John Dickson offers a compelling introduction to Jesus.

Questioning Christianity

Dan Paterson and Rian Roux explore the relevance of the Christian story in an accessible and compelling way


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Excellent, original, Australian evangelism training course for churches written and presented by Belinda Lakelin. Features sermon outlines, small group, coaching opportunities and more.
Crossover recommends: Channeling state-of-the-art research, personal stories, and careful biblical study, Confronting Christianity explores 12 questions that keep many of us from considering faith in Christ. Look more closely, Rebecca McLaughlin argues, and the reality of suffering, the complexity of sexuality, the desire for diversity, the success of science, and other seeming roadblocks to faith become signposts. Jesus becomes not a relic from the ancient world, but our modern world's best hope.
Book by Andrew Turner: What is real success for a church? What are we aiming for? If it’s all about size and health, then why did Jesus curse that big, healthy-looking fig tree? Could it be that we are aiming to shape churches that will impress everyone but him? What does a truly fruitful church look like? Fruitful Church exposes how, ironically, the typical aims of growth and health actually choke real life from churches. It explores an alternative vision that refreshes every aspect of local church life and compels it to awaken from static religious institution towards the dynamic missional movement that God first planted.
A free, flexible Advent-Christmas series for churches, designed to be highly invitable and accessible for newcomers. Includes 5 sermon outlines, service ideas, customisable artwork for promotion and presentation and more.
Sacred Agents #100: The huge benefits of doing mission together. "If we want people to see Christ, we should show them the body of Christ. Of all the ways that we manage to stuff up the mission God has given us, surely taking it on as an individual rather than team event is the most hapless..."