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Fruitful Church: Towards a More Compelling Vision

Short book by Andrew Turner

Ages 16-100
For Pastors, Church Leaders and thinkers
3rd edition 2021
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Andrew Turner is the Director of Crossover for ABM and author of Fruitful Church and Taking the Plunge

What is real success for a church? What are we aiming for?If it’s all about size and health, then why did Jesus curse that big, healthy-looking fig tree? Could it be that we are aiming to shape churches that will impress everyone but him? What does a truly fruitful church look like?

Fruitful Church exposes how, ironically, the typical aims of growth and health actually choke real life from churches. It explores an alternative vision that refreshes every aspect of local church life and compels it to awaken from static religious institution towards the dynamic missional movement that God first planted.

This book is a provocative manifesto for intentional sending. We raise our children to mature, leave home, and start new households. Why is this the norm for families, but the exception for churches? What would it take, and what might it look like, if we saw ourselves afresh as a sent and sending people? What happened when one church tried?

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