The Other Story of Christmas

‘The Other Story’ videos are powerful and moving 3 minute spoken word poems illustrated through video. They contrast the ‘other’ story of Christmas/Easter respectively, with the usual hustle and bustle of these commercialised celebrations.

The Other Story videos are designed for people who do not follow to Jesus, to help them discover the real meaning behind Christmas/Easter, and have a strong call to action. They are available for you to download, with or without subtitles, from our Crossover vimeo page.

The videos could be used in your church services, made available on social media, your church website and to your church family to share with their friends. They were specifically designed for our Christmas and Easter Outreach resources for Christmas 2018/Easter 2019 but you may choose to use them again or in future years instead as suits you.

In 2018/2019 we also facilitated a website at specifically for more appropriate sharing with those who don’t know Jesus, and to help them explore further. (Rather than sharing this page which explains how to access them for churches).

Both videos came with accompanying sermon tips and an editable postcard/invite design for your church events over the period. You will find these resources below for your free access/downloading.

Download the video
You can download the videos to your computer directly from vimeo, with or without subtitles.

  • Head to our vimeo page: or click the button above to be redirected
  • Find the version of the video you would like, with or without subtitles
  • Scroll down, below the video there is a blue button titled “Download”

Sermon Guide
The key themes included in the video are:

  • When God comes through the incarnation of Jesus he doesn’t arrive in the way we would expect a king to. It is a strong contrast to how we typically see leadership being established; it was a surprise then and would still be today.
  • The ‘ordinary’ nature of God’s arrival is good news — he doesn’t come as an inaccessible royal, but rather he enters the neighbourhood and meets us in our ‘plain humanity’.
  • The Christmas story — and the gospel more broadly — invites us to display the magnificence of God’s incarnation, within our own ‘ordinary’ lives. As we marvel at the wonder of Christ’s incarnation, we are invited so deeply into the story, that God’s spirit longs to form Christ in us.
Postcard This design accompanies the Other Story video and includes a QR code and link to the video website As usual, there is space to add the details of your church’s upcoming Christmas services and/or events.  

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