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Questioning Christianity

Australian paperback for enquirers/skeptics, by Dan Paterson and Rian Roux

Enquirers, skeptics, new believers

Have you ever seriously questioned Christianity?

If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people have wondered if this faith is outdated . . . irrelevant . . . maybe even harmful. But what if everything is not as it seems? What if there’s more to the story?

Questioning Christianity explores the nature and relevance of the Christian story in an accessible and compelling way. No slogans. No politics. No simple solutions to complex problems. After many years of exploring issues of faith with skeptics, seekers, and new believers, Dan Paterson and Rian Roux serve as guides to help you navigate what can be a disorienting and confusing journey.

Perhaps you’re feeling lost, unable to find your bearings, and you need some help to map out the terrain around you. Or maybe you’ve encountered obstacles and have hard questions that need to be addressed before you can move ahead. Whatever it is that has made you curious about this faith, there are good answers waiting to be discovered. So go ahead. Question Christianity. Just give Christianity the chance to answer back.

Review: [from] “This is the first book I would give to anyone who is investigating Christianity, or recently become Christian, or a Christian who wants to learn to better articulate their faith. This book gives a clear overview of what Christians believe, what it means to live as a Christian, and responses to common questions, but it also gently and warmly repeats Jesus’ invitation for the reader to “come and follow”. It’s a short read (~170 pages), packed with engaging imagery, and points to other books for readers who want to go deeper.”

~$20 via Koorong Books

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