15-22 October 2023

What's Baptism Week?

National Baptism Week is an opportunity and a prompt for churches, youth groups, small groups and ministries to celebrate, talk about and offer baptism.

Just as God came looking for us before we looked for him, we want to be a movement that’s pro-active in offering baptism as the tangible way of responding to the great news. Rather than waiting for people to apply, we want to make baptism into Christ as available as Christ himself is.

So a special week each year is simply a way to keep ourselves from being too quiet about it for too long!

How to join in

You can do it your own way – there’s no need to register or report back. But here are some suggestions:

  • Have baptisms – you could announce either Sunday 15th or 22nd or both as Baptism Sundays, and prepare any candidates in advance. If your church runs Alpha, Faith Runs Deep or another gospel course in Term 3, Baptism Week is timed to fit well as a response opportunity.

  • Teach about and offer baptism preparation – whether your church has many baptisms or none in Baptism Week, it’s a great opportunity to share stories of coming to faith, and to talk about baptism and Jesus’ great invitation. Use Baptism Week to kick off an information session or preparation process for baptisms in the weeks/months following.

  • Pray – Use this moment to thank God and pray: for the new believers in your church, and the 2000-3000 baptized in our movement over the last year; for more in the year ahead and to help your church play its part well in the formation of new disciples; and remembering and giving thanks for our own baptism in Christ.

Baptism explainers and guides

Planning a baptism or looking to share about baptism? Here are some resources to give to and work through with candidates

Guides and suggestions for baptisers

Whether it’s your first baptism or you have the joy of baptising often, here are some guides and suggestions you might find helpful.


We love hearing and sharing stories and photos (with permission) of people entrusting their lives to Christ in baptism. Share the joy and encourage others!

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