PRAC Magazine

Coping with Covid

PRAC Spring 2020: This edition looks at how Baptist churches have responded to the challenges and opportunities of Covid-19. It includes stories of how churches have created virtual online church, built new online congregations, reached out to neighbourhoods meeting needs, changed the structure of their church, and how churches have grown in their digital capability.

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Chaplaincy – Ministry Outside the Church Walls

PRAC Winter 2020: The opportunities for Christians and churches in chaplaincy. We feature both formal, professional chaplaincy roles as well as voluntary roles. We hear from Baptists around Australia engaged in chaplaincy from the beach to prisons, from the high seas to the high street.

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New Frontiers

PRAC Spring 2019: A selection of stories of evangelism in action. The key article by Kiran Skariah was stimulated by his contribution to the 2019 Emerge Evangelism Conference. The other articles are stories about passions, or hobbies, being used to work alongside the local church and help people connect in, or churches connect out, into the local community.

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