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The Air We Breathe

How We All Came to Believe in Freedom, Kindness, Progress and Equality – by Glen Scrivener

Australian based in UK
Enquirers, 'Nones' (no religion), 'Dones' (rejected Christianity)

Christianity is seen as outdated, bigoted and responsible for many of society’s problems. This leaves many believers embarrassed about their faith and many outsiders wary of religion. But what if the Christian message is not the enemy of our modern Western values, but the very thing that makes sense of them? In this fascinating book, Glen Scrivener takes readers on a journey to discover how the teachings of Jesus not only turned the ancient world upside down, but continue to underpin the way we think of life, worth, and meaning. Far from being a relic from the past, the distinctive ideas of Christianity, such as freedom, kindness, progress and equality, are a crucial part of the air that we breathe.

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~$20 via Koorong Books.

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