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NUA Film Series

8x 15-min episodes course for youth and young adults by Scripture Union Ireland

The NUA Film Series is Scripture Union Ireland’s first film series, launched in 2017 and ideal for religious education classes, youth groups & Universities. NUA is a film series that encourages questions, acknowledges doubt, and offers an engaging perspective on the Christian faith. These are films to engage with, discuss, and pick apart. More than anything, NUA is a fresh learning experience.

 This original series is hosted solo by Jonny Somerville. Each episode is approximately 15 minutes long and explores topics like God and Story, faith and science, the problem of evil and suffering, the history of the church, along with a historical investigation into the person and message of Jesus.

The NUA Guide includes lesson plans, summaries, aims and objectives, suggestions for engagement activities, discussion topics, and NUA Challenges.

Free via registration on NUA website

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