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The Christmas Countdown

Length: 2:48
Produced by: Speak Life UK – Glen Scrivener (Australian)
Year: 2023
Cost: Free
Strengths: Stunning quality; connects seamlessly with the 321 Course (that churches can run, or individuals can watch online

The Lego Christmas Story

Length: 4:05
Produced by: GoChatter (UK)
Country/Accent: 4 different UK accents available
Year: 2022
Cost: ~$20
Strengths: Brilliant stop motion animation, very clearly spoken story, suitable for all ages. **Also with a resource to create an augmented reality Christmas trail – an interactive hunt that can be placed around your church, hall or local area.**

The Rhythm of Christmas

Length: 6:28
Produced by: The Grove Baptist Church (Qld)
Country/Accent: Australian
Year: 2023
Cost: Free
Strengths: Compelling and evocative message with a clear theme, beautifully put together.

Christmas in a Nutshell

Length: 2:03
Produced by: StoryLoop (Dan Stevers)
Country/Accent: No vocals
Year: 2010
Cost: ~$30
Strengths: Clever poem, great production, directly invites the view to consider how they ‘do Christmas’

The Christmas Story

Length: 3:53
Produced by: St Paul’s Auckland
Country/Accent: NZ
Year: 2011
Cost: Free
Strengths: This has become a classic – beautifully shot, kids narrating the Christmas story.

Santa vs Jesus

Length: 3:03
Produced by: Speak Life UK – Glen Scrivener (Australian)
Year: 2015
Cost: Free
Strengths: Insightful and amusing poem that begins on the market street and leads to the person of Jesus in the manger

Four Kinds of Christmas

Length: 3:30
Produced by: Speak Life UK – Glen Scrivener (Australian)
Year: 2016
Cost: Free
Strengths: Clever poem, great production, directly invites the view to consider how they ‘do Christmas’

An Unexpected Christmas

Length: 5:19
Produced by: St Paul’s Auckland
Country/Accent: NZ
Year: 2013
Cost: Free
Strengths: Another classic from St Paul’s Arts & Media – Christmas from heaven’s point of view, acted by kids. 

Not Just a Baby

Length: 2:53
Produced by: RoarLight
Country/Accent: British/Irish
Year: 2018
Cost: ~$10
Strengths: A beutiful spoken-word poem about why we really celebrate Christmas. Brilliantly done.

Open the Gift

Length: 3:41
Produced by: Speak Life (UK)
Country/Accent: British (sung)
Year: 2019
Cost: Free
Strengths: Cleverly done and well produced humourous video in the style of musical comedy – that keeps you waiting for the punchline that lands with wonderful personal focus.

Christmas According to Kids

Length: 3:15
Produced by: Southland Christian Church (USA)
Country/Accent: USA (kids)
Year: 2015
Cost: Free
Strengths: Perhaps the most famous kids-tell-the-story Christmas video of all – but still a classic.

Bethlehemian Rhapsody

Length: 4:51
Produced by: The Puppetunes
Country/Accent: USA (sung)
Year: 2009
Cost: Free (audio file ~$4)
Strengths: Been around for a while, but a brilliant and hillarious parody of Bohemian Rhapsody all done with puppets.

God in a Manger

Length: 1:28
Produced by: Playback Media
Country/Accent: No voices
Year: 2018
Cost: ~$30
Strengths: Beautiful animation and music, capturing the granduer of the great news of Christmas. An excellent service opener.

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