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Next Steps

4-week series prompting next steps in faith

4-week video-based series with discussion guide and more

Olive Tree Media always seeks to resource and empower Christians to engage their friends and neighbours in conversations about faith. Enthusiastic about our National Baptism Week initiative, they produced Next Steps in order to help you get conversations started about faith, life and baptism. Using four of their excellent Faith Runs Deep interviews, this new series invites people to consider their ‘Next Steps’.

Available as part of a Baptism Week Pack, it has the episodes, digital resources and a small group discussion guide.

It is designed so that anybody can run it at anytime within your church to share stories of faith, invite discussion and give people an opportunity to consider their ‘Next Steps’ when it comes to faith and life with Jesus.

Examples of how this could be used include:
• A 4-week small group series across the life of your church
• Mid-week church-wide course – where people can all come to watch and discuss together
• Run in stand-alone groups facilitated specifically as a pointed discipleship tool readying people for baptism
• As a series your church works through in your Sunday services

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