Sacred Agents

To Put it Bluntly

Sacred Agents #101: My kids tell me that I have a ‘joke voice’, even when I think I’m being dead-pan. But it helps them to totally tune out, laugh politely when I stop talking, and get on with their lives. It would be wrong of me to use my joke voice to alert them to the fire and their need to escape.

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Re-membering the Body

Sacred Agents #100: The huge benefits of doing mission together. “If we want people to see Christ, we should show them the body of Christ. Of all the ways that we manage to stuff up the mission God has given us, surely taking it on as an individual rather than team event is the most hapless…”

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Vision and Vocation

Sacred Agents #99: Typically churches use the term vision to describe the bigger and future direction for a church. But I think vocation is better. It asks the question “What is God’s vision for this church?” “What has he put us here and called us together for?” It helps in several ways:

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