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What Brings You Here?

What Brings You Here? explores the big reasons for the coming of Jesus – and so the question ‘What brings you here?’ is posed from us to him. It’s the polite-but-slightly-nervous question one puts when the boss suddenly turns up in one’s office! Or that one might put to a chief invading alien, if aliens existed and invaded, and paused to take questions. Are you here for
good or ill? And what will it mean for me and my people?

It’s a Christmas series from the book of Exodus – in which three times God says that he is going to ‘come down’, each time for a different purpose – to rescue, to covenant, and to dwell. There’s a sermon outline on each purpose, plus an introduction sermon and summary sermon. In this way the series can fit with the four Sundays of Advent plus Christmas Day.

Resource Includes

  • 5 message outlines 
    Introduction – The Sudden Arrival
    What Brings You Here? – To Rescue
    What Brings You Here? – To Covenant
    What Brings You Here? – To Dwell
    Summary – All Our Christmases
  • Easy-to-edit artwork for invitations and promotions
    High quality themed artwork
    Customise and edit using Microsoft Office apps
    – Social media posts
    – Postcards
    – Posters
    – PowerPoint slides

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