Recommended Outreach Book Resource

Bullies and Saints

Christian apologetic and history overview by John Dickson

For Ages 15+
Inquirers, skeptics, believers, leaders

A superb, readable, interesting and honest defence of and commendation of Christianity.

John Dickson gives an honest account of the mixed history of Christianity, the evil and the good. He concedes the Christians’ complicity for centuries of bullying but also shows the myriad ways the beautiful melody of Christ has enriched our world and the lives of countless individuals. This book asks contemporary skeptics of religion to listen again to the melody of Jesus, despite the discord produced by too many Christians through history and today. It also leads contemporary believers into sober reflection on and repentance for their own participation in the tragic inconsistencies of Christendom and seeks to inspire them to live in tune with Christ.

~$20 paperback via Koorong Books

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