Recommended Kids Outreach Resource

Lost Sheep Book Series

Over 30 kids books by Andrew McDonough

Ages 3-7 (enjoyable for all)
All settings open to Bible content
2012 - present

Andrew McDonough is a gifted Australian pastor, teacher and storyteller with a heart for children. His years of ministry include working amongst the homeless and advocating for refugees. Andrew’s creative talents and passion for the gospel have combined to produce the outstanding Lost Sheep series of biblical stories.

When Jesus wanted to change lives he told stories. That’s what we do at Lost Sheep – and at the centre of our stories is Jesus. Some stories are about him, some are by him, but all of them point to him. We take the spirituality of children seriously but also believe the gospel is fun. Lost Sheep create resources to assist parents, teachers and children’s workers build the faith of kids in Australia and around the world. – Andrew McDonough

~$7 via Koorong
Free resources and downloads available at Lost Sheep site

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