The Great Commision for Every Christian

Inspiring and equipping Christians for evangelism involves both “why and “how”. Both “why” and “how” matter, but if we don’t get the “how” right, then it doesn’t really matter how much we preach on the “why”. If people are inspired but not equipped they are still unable to go and make disciples. We need to be able to send people out with a plan that works for them.

“PLAN A: The Great Commission for Every Christian” is a training resource created to inspire and equip Christians with a “why” and “how” that is applicable to their season of life, gifts, and personality. Many Christians have expressed relief and joy at hearing how disciple making isn’t just for gifted evangelists but is something that the everyday Christian can be involved in.

How is PLAN A Helping Churches?

George Barna, an American researcher, spent two years and tens of thousands of dollars researching evangelism. His hope was to uncover the newer, bigger, flashier cutting edge programmes and methods being used around the country in order to share new strategies with the church. His research left him deflated – not because there were not evangelistically successful churches but because “there is nothing new under the sun”. His conclusion was we do not need new models for evangelism but we do need to understand the basics of disciple making based on the heart, passion and life of Jesus. The next step is to “just do it”.

PLAN A is going back to the basics of disciple making. It’s not a new tool or technique but rather five basic principles. By exploring and learning the principles of PLAN A, Christians and churches can adapt and live out the PLAN A principles based on their neighbourhood and situation. Churches who have used PLAN A to train in evangelism report an increase in people’s understanding of what it looks like for them to get involved in evangelism. After years of feeling like failures or not seeing any opportunities, Christians are being inspired to see how their everyday lives can make an impact.

PLAN A is not a new flashy programme, but rather a return to the basics of disciple making. PLAN A consists of five principles:

  1. GROWING: Disciples are to keep growing as disciples of Jesus,
  2. KNOWING: Invest in knowing others by building genuine relationships,
  3. SOWING: Sowing seeds in respectful conversation,
  4. ROWING: Value partnership by rowing together with the local church,
  5. SHOWING UP: Keep showing up and depending on Jesus.


as disciples of Jesus,

PLAN A gives your church a simple and easy-to-understand approach to disciple making. As a principle-based framework, its strength is in its flexibility and adaptability. Principles can be applied differently depending on the ministry, person, situation and stage of life. Because of this, PLAN A won’t undermine any other evangelism training you have completed – rather you will see how that training fits with the other principles of disciple making. PLAN A will provide a foundation for evangelism that can help people evaluate and improve their mission thinking.

PLAN A has been used by a range of churches – large and small, new and established to equip Christians. To help your church use PLAN A, we have created a range of resources. There is a 28-day devotional, Bible studies, sermon outlines and Life Group video discussion guides. 

When you purchase PLAN A you will receive: 

  • Sermon outlines,
  • Life Group videos and notes,
  • Bible studies,
  • 28 day devotional,
  • “SOWING” training notes,
  • PLAN A graphics and logos for social media etc. 

PLAN A is free for Baptist Churches in NSW and ACT due to their sponsorship of PLAN A, and reduced in price for Crossover partners and Australian Baptist Churches. The money raised by PLAN A will support the creation of Australian evangelism resources.


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PLAN A is sponsored by Crossover and the Baptist Association of NSW and ACT.

About Belinda Lakelin

For many years Belinda has been involved in sharing the gospel through a variety of activities, but her passion is for helping everyday Christians speak about Jesus. Belinda created PLAN A in her role as the Evangelism Consultant with the Baptist Association of NSW and ACT. She realised that typical ways of speaking about evangelism were not helping her tradie husband share his faith at work. Belinda began to ask “what does it look like for an everyday Christian to share their faith with the people they see every day?” Her answer to that is the five principles of PLAN A. 

Belinda and Tim live on the South Coast of NSW where they enjoy raising their four children.

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The Great Commission for Every Christian

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