Census and Sensibility

Sacred Agents #110: What is the 2021 Australian Census data on religious affiliation telling us? I try to interpret columns of numbers into meaningful narrative.

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Fruitful Church Book Cover

Fruitful Church

Book by Andrew Turner: What is real success for a church? What are we aiming for?
If it’s all about size and health, then why did Jesus curse that big, healthy-looking fig tree? Could it be that we are aiming to shape churches that will impress everyone but him? What does a truly fruitful church look like?
Fruitful Church exposes how, ironically, the typical aims of growth and health actually choke real life from churches. It explores an alternative vision that refreshes every aspect of local church life and compels it to awaken from static religious institution towards the dynamic missional movement that God first planted.

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The Ungated Community

Sacred Agents #104: That ‘the gates of Hades will not overcome’ the church is even better news than we perhaps thought.

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