PRAC – Winter edition 2018 – Research Driven Mission

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This issue of PRAC focuses on research and trends identified in the 2016 NCLS. How these trends compare to past years and what we should do with that information including reflections for local churches, using NCLS to shape your church's goals and practical tools for using your report.
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Jesus the Bloke

It’s not often that in a book about Jesus the first chapter starts off with a quote from the famous Australian film The Castle. That was enough to catch my Read more

Podcast: When the gospel is a laughing matter

The Gospel of course is no joke, and nor is critical human need that it addresses. However, humour may well be an effective cultural key that can lead to a Read more

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Christmas Resources

Christmas Video 2018

The Other Story

Effective Church Websites That Connect – On A Budget

87% of Australians access the internet daily. An effective web presence is an important part of connecting with people outside of your church. You can have a high quality web Read more

Creating An Effective Online Presence For Your Church – On A Budget

79% of Australians access the internet daily. Making a strategic decision to choose a target audience of people who are not members of your church means that the internet can Read more