Summer Reading List

For Giving to Non-Church / Enquirers:

Christians – the Urgent Case for Jesus in our World by Greg Sheridan
Australian Journalist Greg Sheridan’s warm survey of Christianity – a good gift/give-away, written for unbelievers.

Questioning Christianity by Dan Paterson
Explores Christianity in an accessible and compelling way. No slogans. No politics. No simple solutions to complex problems.

Bullies and Saints by John Dickson
An honest account of the mixed history of Christianity and invitation to skeptics to reconsider.

7 Reasons to (re)Consider Christianity by Ben Shaw
Written with warmth, clarity and authenticity as he died of cancer – a simple and powerful book.

And our own Taking the Plunge – Baptism and Belonging to Jesus by Andrew Turner
Helping those who are responding to Jesus to make a great, wholehearted, start with him.

For Leaders and Christians:

The Secular Creed – Engaging 5 Contemporary Claims by Rebecca McLaughlin
British living in the USA, and writing with insight, humour and grace – RM considers the major claims of secularism.

How to Talk About Jesus (Without Being That Guy) by Sam Chan
Sam Chan helps you build confidence in sharing your faith with gentleness and respect

A Gathering Momentum by Roger Sutton
Stories of grass roots unity transforming towns and cities in the UK

The Innovative Church by Scott Cormode
Innovative ways to express the never-changing gospel to their ever-changing congregations.

And our own Fruitful Church – Towards a More Compelling Vision by Andrew Turner
Recapturing our commission to make – and release – strong disciples, and what that looks like in a local church.

What are you reading?

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