Summer Reading List

If you’re looking for something to read over your Christmas holiday break, or perhaps for a last minute gift idea, we’ve put together a list of Crossover’s top 10 books for the year and where to find out more. These include books we’ve reviewed this year and a few extras we’ve found practical and helpful. The list is a mix of books suitable for church leaders and lay people.

Fruitfulness on the Frontline by Mark Greene
fruitfulness-on-the-frontline-bookMark Greene’s book helps explode the myth of many Christians who see through a sacred secular prism and instead encourages an understanding of work as a calling, and witness as a multi-faceted process. With an overarching theme of the need for believers to be fruitful, Greene has developed a framework of the 6Ms to summarise.

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Crossover Reviewed in PRAC Summer 2016 and additional resources by Maylon Workplace are available here.



Surprise the World: The 5 Habits of Highly Missional People by Michael Frost
surprisetheworld_coverThis book is about the very practical BELLS method for sharing your faith. It is a “handy tool for mobilizing Christians up, in and out into mission. That is, up into deeper connection with the Triune God; in to a stronger sense of community with other believers; and out into the neighborhood.” – Michael Frost.

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Click here for Crossover accompanying introduction & BELLS method videos & sermon outline.



Every Good Endeavour by Timothy Keller
Worevery-good-endeavourk may seem just a means to an end: we do it to earn the money to enjoy life outside the workplace. Here, Timothy Keller argues that God’s plan is radically more ambitious: he actually created us to work. Developing a better attitude to work releases us to serve others humbly, to worship God every day, and leaves us deeply fulfilled.

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Small Church, Big Impact by Brandon O’Brien
small-churchO’Brien finds a way to celebrate some of the advantages of a ‘strategically small’ church without doing it at the expense of larger churches. “I’ve called them strategically small’ not because they are small on purpose (for the most part) but because they recognise that being a smaller congregation has its benefits. More to the point, they are putting those benefits, that hidden potential, to good use.”

Ebook Available on amazon and through koorong
Crossover Reviewed in PRAC Autumn 2016



A Righteous Brood by Hugh Halter
righteous-brood-pictureA Righteous Brood is an invitation to mission with our everyday lives for the sake of the world and the sake of our own families, peppered with Halter’s personal story.

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Crossover Reviewed in PRAC Spring 2016




Taboo or To do? By Ross Clifford and Philip Johnson
taboo-or-to-doThis book addresses how the church and Christians should or should not engage with alternative spirituality practices in an objective, popular and practical way.

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Crossover Reviewed here




Sentness by Darren Cronshaw and Kim Hammond
sentness-imageEver wonder why people fall asleep in church?… The church was not meant to be like this. The church was meant to be on its feet, in the world, making all things new. The church was meant to be sent. Kim Hammond and Darren Cronshaw want to help us—all of us—rediscover our sentness. Dive into Sentness, and explore the six postures of a church that’s keeping pace with God’s work in the world. Rediscover the gospel that first quickened your pulse and got you up on your feet, ready to go wherever Jesus called you. Get Sentness, and prepare to get sent.

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Walking on Water by Darrell McKerlie
bookreviewA beautifully illustrated auto-biography about Darrell’s acceptance of the call of Jesus to a life of trust, risk, joy and anxiety.  Easy to read and with a treasure trove of stunning photos.

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Crossover Reviewed here



Fruitful Church by Andrew Turner
fruitful-churchFruitful church is written for church leaders who desire to “bring their church into missional vitality quickly” but who know “there is no easy fix”. It is a short brisk read… with practical and helpful insights.

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Crossover Reviewed in PRAC Autumn 2015




The Unbelievable Gospel by Jonathon Dodson
bookcoverThere exists within the church today an uncertainty about the place of evangelism and even the word. Into this confusion Dodson sets out to ‘recover a believable evangelism, one that moves beyond the cultural and personal barriers we have erected in contemporary evangelism to rediscover the power of the biblical gospel.’

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Crossover Reviewed in PRAC Summer 2015