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This Easter we look at the extraordinary story of Ned Trickett, Australia’s first ever world sporting champion.

Ned Trickett’s father, George was sent to Australia as a convict. The charge of stealing a few items of clothing carried the charge of ‘transportation to the colonies’. After serving 14 years, he was granted a pardon and became a free man. He was given land at Woolwich and started a quarry business. His four sons rowed the stone from his quarry across the harbour, helping construct the harbour wall.

His youngest son, Ned excelled at rowing and was sponsored to race on the Thames in London for the world championship of sculling. Trickett won the race and in doing so, became Australia’s first world champion in any sport. On his return to Australia, he became a national hero.

Later in life Trickett, would lose his wealth in business and returned to Sydney, with nine children, broke and so desperate that he contemplated taking his own life. Walking the streets of the city, he heard barrister and street preacher, E P Field and after talking to Field in his chambers, Trickett gave his life to Jesus. He spent the rest of his life as a committed Christian. Early in the 20th century Rev Knee wrote a gospel tract on the life of Trickett, a copy of this tract is held in the NSW State Library. It concludes…

“He drank of the world’s cup of pleasure, and yet was not content. He found, as so many
have found, that none but Christ can satisfy.”

This is a story of redemption and a fresh start.

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Easter Postcards 2020:

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Easter Postcard Resources

Your church will no doubt be planning special events to celebrate Easter. These postcard resources are aimed at helping you invite people to explore further Easter’s true meaning.

Below are some options designed for mass distribution through your community, or for use in special Easter outreach events, or more effectively for individuals to use as a part of a personal invitation. Each design is available for free download below. You can add your church details and print them out yourself, or take them to a printing service for edit and print.

Our newest designs (first few in the list below) have been created as editable pdfs. You can download the file, and type your details into the box before printing, use Adobe Illustrator to edit them further, or work with a graphic designer/print shop as you life. The older designs (further down the list) were created to be edited in Adobe illustrator, so you will either need that program or to work with a designer/printing shop to add your details to those files.

Obviously material of this nature will not contain every element and nuance of the Christian faith. What we’ve put together has the aim of being a hook or an invitation to explore further. Many of Jesus’ stories in the public marketplace were like that. They keyed in to local understanding (or misunderstanding!) and sowed seeds of inquisitiveness that enticed people to find out more. We think the best place for people to do that “searching” and “finding out more” is a community of faith like yours, so we’ve designed these resources with the hope that they might point people in the direction of your church – especially at Easter time.

New Designs for 2020 are linked above under 2020 resources

Easter Resources On File

Other Story design

This version of the postcard can be downloaded and edited in Adobe Illustrator to add your details or change elements.


This version of the PDF has a custom text box for you to update your details.


This version of the postcard can be downloaded and edited in Adobe Illustrator to add your details or change elements.


The Best Second Chance













Below are more Easter postcard and card designs we have on file. Scroll down to view each design and find a copy of each in .pdf listed at the bottom. You can download these for free and edit with with your church details or take to a printing service.

John 3:16

This card displays one of the great verses used commonly to explain the nature of the Gospel (Message Version), with a not so obvious depiction of Christ on the Cross.



It Is Finished

This card seeks to contrast many of the most famous saying of history with the significance of the words of Jesus on the Cross.



 The best friend request you’ll ever get

One Solitary Life Postcard

Is chocolate all you’re getting this Easter?