What does evangelism mean in a post-modern society?

“Evangelism today and in particular with post-moderns requires prayer, listening, building trust, genuineness, real change and real action, openness and honesty. The gospel needs constant translation into their terminology and equipping those in developing post-modern cultures and sub-cultures with the tools to help them to translate the good news into terms that make sense for themselves. This translation process may also need to consider pre-evangelism and other bridge-building exercises…”

Rev Dr Robert Brennan explores the question “What does evangelism mean in a post-modern society?” in the recent ACCatalyst magazine. He considers what now appears as “gobbledygook” to the non/un-churched majority; presenting some statistics, what the changes are and then some existing re-oriented strategies for evangelism in our current context.

Download the full article here:  confessingcongregations.com_uploads_ACCatalyst_07_2014

(Or check out the magazine at http://confessingcongregations.com/uploads/ACCatalyst_07_2014.pdf )