Webinars & Podcasts

Crossover runs a variety of webinars to make our resources more accessible for Baptist Church leaders around Australia. The topics include a range of practical skills (like how churches can use facebook effectively) and support discussion topics – like bi-vocational and church planting hang outs with special guests from the relevant fields to give input and advise from their experiences.

Where webinar participation is substantial enough for useful conversation for others, we’ll post videos and/or audio of the discussion on our website after the event for those who are keen but can’t make the webinar time.

We also endeavour to record some talks and sessions when we run, or sponsor events, that might be helpful for others who could not attend.

Some of the links below will be videos and some are podcasts/recordings to listen to depending on the topic and content.

For information regarding upcoming events and webinars, topics and how to join in, check out the Converse Events tab.


Building a Discipling Culture (Key talks from Crossover’s Emerge Conference – June 2019)

‘Discipling’ is one of those concepts that sits atop the lexicon of concepts Christians are in furious agreement on – in that like evangelism and mission, we regard discipling as an imperative. However it isn’t all that common to find a church that has a comprehensive system of discipling people, and that is often due to the lack of new believers coming to faith in our churches.

Our keynote speaker at the Crossover’s Emerge Evangelism Conference this year was Dale Stephenson, senior pastor of Crossway Baptist Church in Melbourne. Crossway have spent considerable time wrestling with this question and have come up with a discipleship system that everyone in the church can participate in which is symbiotically linked to evangelism.

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Effective church websites that connect (Part 2 of ‘Creating an effective online presence for your church) – Sept 2018

87% of Australians access the internet daily. An effective web presence is an important part of connecting with people outside of your church. You can have a high quality web presence without spending big bucks, or having to know coding. The WordPress content management system can help you create effective church websites on a budget.

In this recorded webinar we take a behind the scenes look at WordPress and examine some great church websites and deconstruct what makes them effective at reaching out to people.
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Creating an effective online presence for your church – on a budget – part 1 (Sept 2018)
79% of Australians access the internet daily. Making a strategic decision to choose a target audience of people who are not members of your church means that the internet can become an important part of your mission reach. This recording of our webinar on the subject has got some useful information for churches who don’t have the luxury of a resident graphic designer, videographer, and web developer.
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When the Gospel is a laughing matter – with Uncle Nath (Aug 2018)
Although humour occupies an important place in Australian culture, churches have been slow to use humour as a means of breaking down stereotypes of Christians or as a means of communicating the Gospel. One man who is trying to change that is Nathan Ranclaud, also known on the stand-up comedy circuit as Uncle Nath. In our August 2018 webinar, Stan interviewed Uncle Nath about the place of comedy in the evangelistic process.

Listen now  or copy and paste this link into your browser: goo.gl/2oCVoo

Learning from Mission in the Majority World – with Graham Hill (March 2017)
When accomplished academic and author Graham Hill was told by his family that nobody wanted to read his books he knew that he had to learn new media skills in order to connect with people and pass on critical information that can help shape mission. That determination has led to an epic global exploration that is unearthing a treasure trove of interviews and perspectives.
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Church as a community centre – swapping sanctuaries for the gospel (March 2017)
When Anthony Palmieri first walked into Lakeside more than twenty years ago he wasn’t a Christian, he just wanted to play basketball. Now he’s the Senior Pastor and a perfect illustration of the fruit that comes from a church that swaps having a sanctuary in favour of a community centre. In this interview with Anthony we examine the principles behind this unique approach to church and all the ramifications in terms of staffing, strategy, governance and ministry.
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The Gospel & Social Enterprise-maximising mission & social impact (Dec 2016)
Stan chats with Adam from Cup from Above about he learnt a lot about good coffee, and how Cup From Above has grown from a cafe into a fully fledged charity making a difference in one of Brisbane’s toughest communities. Adam now has a substantial network of churches involved and café chaplains.
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Social Media & Technology for Churches on a Budget (Nov 2016)
Most churches don’t have a big budget for technology, equipment, graphic design and social media management. Our webinar looks at essential tips to help churches communicate and organise effectively without breaking the bank.
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Children & Family Ministry (October 2016)
Following on from our latest edition of PRAC, Stan chatted with special guest Yvette Wynne about “How to maximise the missional potential of your children & family ministries“. Yvette is the Missional Consultant for Family Ministry from NSW ACT Baptist Churches and co-author of Heaven Can’t Wait.
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One Caller: Many Callings – Workplace Witness (September 2016)
How different would work look like for Christians if they viewed it as more than just ‘work’ but a calling? Special guest Murray Wright helped us in our webinar explore the evangelistic potential of Christians shifting their perspective on how their work is connected to God’s greater plan.
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Emerging Evangelists Conference Live (September 2016)
The vision of the conference is to raise up a new generation of evangelists, people who will make a difference in their local church as well as the wider region. In 2016 Mike Frost joined us for some sessions which we recorded on facebook live and have made available for you to listen to.
Mike Frost – The 5 Habits of Highly Missional People and Churches (BELLS)
Mike Frost – The Gospel in a nutshell

Church Planting Hangout #2 – Reaching Depressed Urban Areas (August 2016)
Mission and church planting in depressed urban areas requires a whole new level of ‘buy in’ and preparedness to live incarnationally. Our guest David Chatelier joined us in our latest webinar to explore his mission amongst the marginalised. In his day job David is Missions Catalyst with the Baptist Union of Victoria and also a member of the Crossover Taskforce.
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Critical Software and Apps for Churches (July 2016)
This webinar covered the essential must have software & apps for churches to help save money, redeem time, organize seamlessly and communicate effectively. Webinar host was experienced pastor and Crossover operations manager Stan Fetting.
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Facebook for Churches – Advanced Level (June 2016)
Church communications and social media guru Steve Fogg from Crossway Baptist will be our special expert guest in our Facebook for Churches Advanced webinar. This is the third webinar in our Facebook for Churches series.
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Facebook for Churches – Intermediate level (June 2016)
In our Facebook For Churches – Intermediate level we will explore how you can turn your Facebook page into a mini website through tabs and how you can invest more in your social media reach through advertising and boosting posts to get a greater reach. We will also look at how to use ‘call to action’ links on your page. This level is designed to maximize your reach through Facebook.
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Church Planting Hangout (May 2016)
If you are a church planter or interested join us in our webinar where we share our experiences, wisdom and resources to support and spur one another on. Pastor, author, church planter and sports chaplain Warren Crank will be joining our webinar as your special guest.
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Facebook for Churches – Beginners level (April 2016)
Facebook is a powerful tool that churches can use to connect with people. Are you using it well? This webinar is pitched at beginner level for churches that would like to use Facebook more but need some help to get started and advice on tools and apps to make things easier.
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