WA Baptists get new makeover

It’s not often that I have anything positive to say when it comes to Baptists and the web, and especially Baptists and logos.  However, I’ve always believed in credit where credit is due – and those cousins of ours over in the West have had a successful makeover resulting in a brand new logo and a new website.  And I think they’ve nailed it.

In a previous blogging life (before being sent to a re-education camp) I’ve waxed lyrical at how badly Baptists do at the web and how sorely we needed to move on from our green and yellow logo which placed us so firmly in the early seventies.  Until recently WA had a passable website and were using the ‘old logo’.

Their recent makeover has resulted in an attractive new website, which hits the mark with both design appeal and architecture.  This is a model website for others to follow. NSW are you listening?🙂

The new logo is also a success and manages to satisfy a range of competing demands.  I think its a success for the following reasons:

  • It is not a total departure from the old logo, but builds on it.  This helps with brand recognition.
  • The inclusion of the Cross and Bible helps communicate in an instant what they stand for and are about.
  • This also helps win fans from the more conservative parts of the church – which helps.
  • Whilst keeping the key elements of the old logo the re-rendered logo has a contemporary feel – which satisfies the younger more progressive part of the church.
  • The colour is an excellent choice.
  • This logo will work well for brand recognition and will stay current for a while to come.

The not so good:

Western Australia has missed the opportunity to change their domain name away from the obscure ‘asn.au’ to a ‘.com.au’ and such will continue to struggle to get people to remember their domain name. Otherwise, well done to our cousins over in the West for updating their front window and logo.

What do you think of the makeover, does it work for you?