TryPraying Resource Review

Jake turned up at our house along with his mate Rick in the biggest truck I’d ever seen. Their boss had dispatched them to move our belongings from one house to our next home. Working hard and seldom stopping for a break I was impressed with their work ethic and care for every item.

During the course of the day, we got to know each other a little and Jake was disarmingly open about his previous life of drug addiction and crime. He was proud of turning his life around but he knew he still needed something more. I wanted to give him something at the end of the day and found a ‘Try Praying’ booklet among the boxes. He accepted it enthusiastically and promised he would read it.

Try Praying is for those who don’t go to church. It is simply an invitation to connect with God. The booklet I gave to Jake will show him samples of prayers, encourage him to talk to God about anything and relay stories of those whose lives have been changed. Commonly asked questions are tackled with sensitivity and scriptures are used appropriately.

When I met John, a homeless guy looking for some food and a place to clean up, he also seemed open to talk about spiritual things. A few hours later, we were about to say goodbye, but I realised that I had run out of TP booklets so I asked him if I could borrow his phone. A little puzzled, he gave it to me and I downloaded the Trypraying app onto it. In addition to the information in the booklet, the phone app has video testimony of people who have experienced God. John promised to give it a go.

At Cornerstone Community Baptist Church in Cooloongup (Rockingham) we gave a Trypraying booklet to every person in attendance one Sunday morning in early March. I encouraged the congregation to ask God for an opportunity to use it. Helen, gave it to her son, a ‘fly-in-fly-out’ worker. Back home after his next trip to South Korea she asked him if he had used it. “Yes”, he said, “I’ve been praying while I have been away”. She now shares prayer needs with him and he regularly prays for God to intervene.

Nathan gave one to a friend battling a serious illness. He tried praying and he told Nathan that it helped. He is not yet ready to walk into a church building but is open to find out more about what the Bible teaches.

Charlie gave a booklet to her neighbour, a long-distance truck driver. Upon his return, she asked him how he got on. “I normally hate reading”, he said, “but I read it from back to front!” The lapsed catholic confessed that he ‘believes it all’. Charlie is now considering what to do next. In the meantime, she also gave a booklet to Pam, who read it and passed it on to her daughter. Now both ladies are asking significant questions about God and prayer.

Since Easter at Cornerstone, after our TryPraying booklets had been given out, we are now running a series of social events as a church to help interested people make more Christian friends, and some of these have a gospel aspect to them. For example, we ran a breakfast in May with a guest speaker who is a great ‘storyteller’.

We’ve also encouraged our church to meet with their friends who tried praying, if they are interested to learn more, for a one-to-one look at the gospel through the book of John. We’re encouraging them to use a resource for this called ‘Just Looking’. One lady was saved a few weeks ago by going through the gospel with one of our members and we are planning her baptism.

Trypraying is a UK-based initiative and more information can be found on their website . Resources can be purchased in Australia through at $2.50 a booklet. You can also look up the App on your App Store.

Terry Nightingale, Pastor – Cornerstone Community Baptist Church, WA

You could also consider running a group course like Alpha, Towards Belief or Jesus the Game Changer, or something like Christianity Explained which goes through the gospel of Mark and can be used one-to-one.