Toddler Jam – Striking The Right Note With Kids And Parents

Many churches have had playgroups since just after the Ark landed.  The typical playgroup is still one of the most relevant and common ways in which churches reach out to people in their neighborhood, providing a much needed and appreciated service.  Churches around the country are reassessing how they run playgroup, ensuring it is being used to its full missional and creative potential.  Toddler Jam is a classic example of the playgroup concept that has been significantly tweaked and the result is a very creative outcome which is proving to be very popular.

The aim at Toddler Jam is to create an environment where children can participate in a group setting to share in the wonder of music, where they can learn about concepts such as colours, animals, counting, sequencing and direction. The creators hoped to create a creative playgroup environment to prepare children for their future school life by stimulating their intellectual, emotional and social growth through music appreciation.  Another key element is fun!  I spoke to two of the creators of this program from Perth to find out more and to hear how other churches can easily adopt this program.

Visit Inglewood Community Church in Perth where it all started.