The Missional Pastor – a mythical being?

The ‘Missional Pastor’. Sounds great when you say it doesn’t it? But is it a mythical being? Are we just kidding ourselves if we think its possible to be a ‘missional pastor’ or do they really exist? Crossover went in search of this mythical being and ended up in Sydney & Adelaide talking to some very interesting candidates.

Our next ideas DVD release will focus on our search for this mythical being. In Adelaide we spoke to Sam Thomson who is one of Australia’s longest serving school chaplains. He has combined school chaplaincy with church based youth ministry for many years now. Sam is on the staff team of Blackwood Hills Baptist Church in the Adelaide Hills and much of his ministry happens in the wilderness with young people. He is an excellent example of a pastor who has a strong missional focus within a context of a church that has a strong missional focus. That context means that there are high levels of permission to engage in ministry beyond the walls and this is not seen as being in competition with his church based ministry responsibilities.

In Sydney we sat in a suburban garage talking with Neil Jansons who combines pastoral ministry with a ministry to bikies as part of the Sydney chapter of God Squad.

Also in Sydney we visited Mike Hercock who leads the unconventional ministry of Imagine Church, probably the only Baptist church which runs its own bar and has its own liquor license and shares its building with a successful high end restaurant. Surry Hills has a high concentration of gay and transgender people and the church property also houses a service that works with Stolen Generations men.

Our next ideas DVD will ship at the end of February. If you would like a copy (and live in Australia), leave your details below.