The Global Church Project

“A century ago, Western countries contained more than four times as many Christians as the countries of the Majority World. Today, more than 1.3 billion Christians live in the Majority World, compared with about 860 million in the West.” That’s an astounding shift in only one hundred years!! “We are currently living through one of the transforming moments in history.”

Morling College Vice Principal, Graham Hill, is planning an exciting project in 2015. In conjunction with the release of his new book, Global Church, he will produce a video series called the Global Church Project. Global Church the book examines what Christians in the West can be learning from our brothers and sisters in the “Majority World”. He discusses with 103 thinkers from the “Majority World” to consider how the global church can be re-activated and “rediscover fresh expressions of community, discipleship, servantship, theology, ministry, and mission.”

Continuing this theme, in the Global Church Project Graham will travel and film interviews with 50+ of these “Majority World” high-profile church leaders and thinkers, to discover what the West can be learning from them about theology, prayer, church, the Holy Spirit, mission and discipleship. Graham describes the “Majority World” as “all the churches of the non-West: Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, First Nations, the Middle East and indigenous cultures” and reflects that “by 2025, two-thirds of Christians will live outside the West.”

Graham embarks on this project as the church is growing exponentially in these areas. The project and book will also explore what these changes mean for the global church, and demonstrate how the transforming truth and power of Jesus Christ is at work around the world.

He has set up a kick-starter project to raise some of the funds for the project. To watch the information video and find out more about the project, and how you can get involved, check out his kick-starter page before Monday 8th December 2014 here.

For information about either the book, the project or Graham’s other ministries you can check out his website here.

Graham Hill