Online Baptism Preparation

Crossway Baptist in Melbourne has launched an online baptism preparation resource which is a ‘gift’ to all the rest of us as well.  The site allows people to establish their own log in and then progress through a series of studies on the meaning of baptism.  There is a short video for each section to help guide participants.  There is a leaders guide for those helping people prepare for baptism and a section for Frequently Asked Questions.  This is an excellent contribution into a much needed void of resources for baptism within our movement of churches.  Check it out here.

Another good idea: calling Charlie

“Jesus’ cry is for you to break the mould of lukewarm faith, to break down the fences and to follow him out into the wild. It will mean rising above the noise and conflicting messages being screamed by the media and often your friends. It will stretch and excite you at the same time; it will take you to places you would have never otherwise gone. It will open your eyes to injustice and to the seemingly hopeless pain of others. Most of all it will inspire you to share the truth with those who don’t know it, because you will no longer be able to contain it.”  (more…)