A place for the poet in church and evangelism

A few years ago now, I happened across a church blog entry entitled “poetry is not a luxury.” I recognised its title, borrowed from an essay by Caribbean-American writer, poet and activist Audre Lorde, and was immediately struck by a magazine article extract it contained entitled “How one justice-seeker was redeemed by beauty.” 1 As one who is equally passionate about working for social justice and the importance of art in culture and society, it was one of those serendipitous discoveries that gave voice to what I had been, until that point, unable to articulate. It read, (more…)

Has Your Sunday Become A Formula?

It seems like there is a particular standard or formula that a lot of churches are trying to attain on a Sunday morning – with some clear market leaders who are showing the away, as can be seen from their substantial presence on the internet and in the affections of a lot of our young adults.  This video perfectly illustrates the must-have formula that a lot of churches are keen to work towards. (more…)

Feeling Foreign

Cutting Down The Christian Culture Shock

This Christmas, you are likely to see some unfamiliar faces at your church events: people for whom “church” is a foreign experience. What will they experience? How welcome, how comfortable will they feel? I grew up inside the Christian “club” but a few years ago, my own taste of a foreign church culture made me much more sensitive to the experience of newcomers or “seekers” who might attend a church like ours. (more…)