Podcast: When the gospel is a laughing matter

The Gospel of course is no joke, and nor is critical human need that it addresses. However, humour may well be an effective cultural key that can lead to a greater openness to hear and consider the Gospel. “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people” said Victor Borge, a Danish comedian, conductor and pianist (1909-2000), affectionately known as The Clown Prince of Denmark. This is especially true in the Australian context.

Although humour occupies an important place in Australian culture, churches have been slow to use humour as a means of breaking down stereotypes of Christians and also as a means of communicating the Gospel. One man who is trying to change that is Nathan Ranclaud, also known on the stand-up comedy circuit as Uncle Nath.

In our August 2018 webinar, Stan interviewed Uncle Nath about the place of comedy in the evangelistic process.

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Click here to read more about Uncle Nath in our August blog

When The Gospel Is A Laughing Matter

The Gospel of course is no joke, and nor is critical human need that it addresses. However, humour may well be an effective cultural key that can lead to a greater openness to hear and consider the Gospel. (more…)

Webinar: Social Media & Technology for Churches

How to master social media and technology with low budget equipment and high budget outcomes. A must listen webinar for budget conscious churches who know they need to better with video and social media.

Wednesday 9th November

11am Syd/Melb/Tas — 10am QLD — 9.30am Darwin — 8am Perth — 10.30am Adelaide

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Children & Family Ministry Webinar

How to maximise the missional potential of your children & family ministries


Facebook For Churches – Beginner Level (Podcast)

Many churches are missing out on the amazing potential that Facebook provides for connecting effectively with our people networks. In this beginner level podcast we looked at why churches need to be on Facebook and some guidelines on how to post content that engages.  (more…)

Digital Evangelism Webinar – Beginners Class

Digital Evangelism – social media for churches (beginner level)

Wed, Mar 30, 2016 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM AEST

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Join Stan Fetting for a discussion about how your church can leverage social media, your church website and the internet for evangelism.

This webinar is aimed at those who feel “new” to this area. Perhaps your keen to get involved but don’t know how? Or maybe you can see the technological age soreading through your congregation, but don’t know to effectively encourage or equip them to engage missionally with it? Join us to chat through ideas, tools, and things that are working for others.

Church Planting Webinar

Church Planting Webinar – 11am (EST) Wed 4th Nov. 2015

Church planting is an exciting frontier of ministry. There are churches who have been involved for many years in planting other churches and others who are seriously thinking about it. Church planting can be tough, complex and draining. It’s important to share ideas and experience, encourage one another and build supportive relationships.

Join us for our Church Planters Webinar on Wed 4 November at 11am EST. Our guest is Andrew Turner the author of Fruitful Church. Andrew works as a Church Development Facilitator with the Baptist Churches of South Australia and is a valued member of the Crossover Taskforce. Andrew replanted and for 11 years pastored Glen Osmond Baptist Church, during which time it in turn planted several churches. He and his family have now joined a team to missionally reinvigorate a small church in West Beach SA.

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