Opening our eyes

Pastors love lightbulb moments. Those moments where an insight or a revelation helps make the task of understanding and leading a church community more informed. Craig Corkill, Senior Pastor at Narara Valley Baptist Church had one of those moments in 2011 and it has helped change how he thinks about church and community. Perhaps Craig’s lightbulb moment could lead to one of your own?  (more…)

2020 Vision for Hobart

Prac recently caught up with Rev. Stephen Baxter. Stephen is employed by the Baptist Churches in Hobart, Tasmania to help coordinate and facilitate 2020 Vision, their strategic church planting and mission project.  (more…)

Keeping pace with population growth

“Surely there is no vocation, no vision, no commitment more precious to God. Surely there is nothing more significant to humanity than the multiplication of redeemed communities of people who love the Lord with all their heart, mind and strength, and who also love their neighbour”  (more…)