Table Talk for Christmas

Crossover and The Ugly Duckling Company would like to offer you a special gift this Christmas, which you can extend to the members of your congregation, for use with family & friends over the holiday period.

Table Talk for Christmas is an all age family game. which is free on the Apple App Store and GooglePlay. It is an ideal gift to offer at your Carol Services, through any schools you are in contact with or via a community Christmas card. The game encourages people to explore and celebrate the spirit of Christmas!

Click here for more info about the card game or search for “Table Talk for Christmas” on your app store for the free app version!

If you’d like to see a demo, click here to view a trailer of the card game.

Table Talk: A resource for getting people talking

Evangelism in the Australian context is especially difficult given the reticence of Australians to openly talk about spirituality. Churches do underestimate the huge step people need to take in order to go from having no spiritual interest, to doing one of the popular evangelistic courses. We expect that people will come into our environment (many of whom never darken the door of a church), listen to us the ‘experts’, and then make a decision to believe what we believe.  (more…)