In Search Of The Missional Pastor #3

Sam Thomson is pretty good at hunting pigs. He roughs it a lot and spends a lot of time as a pastor outside the walls of his church. He actively shares his passion for pig hunting with impressionable young people who he takes out into the wilderness for expeditions and adventures. Is this really the kind of Baptist pastor we want? In part 3 of this series we expose another Baptist pastor straying beyond the walls of the church. View for yourself and see what you think.

Sam is on staff at Blackwood Hills Baptist Church in the Adelaide hills as well as being a school chaplain. We spoke to him during a rare visit inside the walls of the church and dug a bit deeper to see if in Sam we had uncovered a genuine missional pastor.

When coffee, soul and mission meet – church planting in a retail setting

Evan Johnson first developed his skills as a barista during a break in London and now is one of the owners of Soul Food Espresso in Redwood Park in Adelaide . Soul Food Espresso is more than a café, it’s the base for a church plant that meet as a home group and use the café as its centre of activity.  Crossover sampled some soul food and a mean coffee or two in Adelaide with Evan to find out more about Soul Food Christian Community.



How To Get A 90% Success Rate In Church Planting

There’s a local plumber near me who has the following tag line below his business logo on his work ute: “We turn up”.  When I first saw that I was underwhelmed.  I need something more than that.  On reflection though, it’s a winning line given the perception of tradesman’s no-shows. Andrew Turner knows a thing or two about growing the church through church planting and here’s some sage advice along the same lines as my local plumber: (more…)

Knowing the Gospel by Heart

Nearly all of us have trouble expressing the good news about Jesus. I’m often asked to recommend tools or to teach evangelism technique. There are handy tools (2 Ways to Live, Bridge to Life, Roman Road, etc) and useful techniques (i.e. focus on asking good questions and listening well). But learning the gospel by rote will only get us so far. We need to learn it by heart. (more…)

Getting Smart About Church Planting

Crossover is sponsoring an important gathering in Sydney of some of our brightest minds in the field of church planting across our church movement. The gathering on March 8-9 will see representatives from all our States meeting to add more fuel to the growing fire of church planting which is growing in importance within our churches.  The imperative of church growth through new plants and new expressions of church is being embraced by Australian Baptist churches with great enthusiasm which is leading to exciting new church developments. (more…)