A place for the poet in church and evangelism

A few years ago now, I happened across a church blog entry entitled “poetry is not a luxury.” I recognised its title, borrowed from an essay by Caribbean-American writer, poet and activist Audre Lorde, and was immediately struck by a magazine article extract it contained entitled “How one justice-seeker was redeemed by beauty.” 1 As one who is equally passionate about working for social justice and the importance of art in culture and society, it was one of those serendipitous discoveries that gave voice to what I had been, until that point, unable to articulate. It read, (more…)

Christians in Politics?

Evangelical Christians believe the call of God rests on every believer. We’ve sometimes over-honoured those “called” to pastoral ministry or missionary service, and under-honoured those equally “called” to engage our community in its various structures and networks. PRAC chatted with Senator Guy Barnett (Liberal Senator for Tasmania) and Shayne Neumann MP (Labor Federal Member for Blair), both of whom are active members of Baptist Churches, about their calling to a parliamentary career.  (more…)