In God’s Service – A Review

In God’s Service: Being a distinctive disciple in your workplace by Andrew Laird & Steve Naoum.

Small Group Study Series.

“If you’ve been in any job for a period of time you’ll know how all-consuming work is. It takes up most of our waking hours and consumes much of our thinking outside the workplace… As Christians… we’re not always sure how our faith is supposed to intersect with our work.” (more…)

Don’t forget: the gospel is word as well as deed, says Baptist minister

Tess Holgate from Eternity Magazine recently interviewed Karl Faase about the balance between the gospel as word and the gospel as deed. It’s a great, short read where Karl shares some of the motivation behind the recent REFOCUS seminars tour around the nation which he and Dan Patterson have embarked on in conjunction with Crossover.

Check out the full article here.