As you are going: studies in evangelism

There are two obstacles when it comes to training in evangelism.  The first is inspiring people to want to be involved and the second is equipping people to be involved.  (more…)

Easter Unpacked Video & Easter Offering Resources

Unpacking Easter – A Video Resource For Your Church

Our role at Crossover is to support evangelism through Australian Baptist Churches. So in 2017 we have for the second time created an Easter video resource to help you communicate the message of Jesus and the gospel this Easter. This year’s video features Karl Faase explaining how the Easter story gives us an opportunity to deal with regret. Easter is about us getting a second chance, freedom and a new hope in life through Jesus.

Please make sure when you share the video, you use the share icon on the video above to share the direct link to the video on vimeo. This would be a more appropriate link to give your friends than directing them to this page explaining how to use it.

There are many ways you can use this resource:

  • play it in your church service
  • put it on your church website
  • share it on social media
  • share it via email

However you share it with others, use it to help people understand the message of Jesus and the gospel over this Easter period.

We are not posting copies of the video to every church anymore. You can download the video directly from vimeo onto your computer, or contact us on 02 9868 9236 or admin[at] (swap [at] for @) to ask for a copy to be posted out to you for free.

If you are looking for Easter Postcard or Greeting Card resources please click here

Easter Offering 2017 – Your Opportunity to Support Crossover

Baptist Churches across Australia have been taking up a special offering for the ministry of evangelism through Crossover for over 30 years. The Easter Offering is the only source of funding for Crossover.

We recognise that there are many demands on church finances these days, so we really appreciate the opportunity to partner with you as we seek to resource the body of Christ for effective mission.

Churches will receive Crossover brochures that give you background to the offering, more details about Crossover and what we’re doing. This parcel will also include the Treasurer’s form, and 3 Steps for helping you use the video above and offering materials. These resources, and additional ones are available below.

Many churches take up the offering in the lead up to Easter, others over the Easter weekend. We have online giving facilities for both churches and individuals, so you can now forward the monies collected to us online if that’s easier than posting a cheque. Click the Support-Give tab to find out more.

Crossover Easter Offering Resource 2017 – All You Need To Participate

Easter Offering 2017 Thank you message for your church bulletin





Easter Offering 2017 Brochure PDF


Easter Offering 2017 Treasurer’s Form


Church Bulletin Ad – Good Friday – Portait PDF


Church Bulletin Ad – Good Friday – Landscape PDF


Church Bulletin Ad – Word Version editable


Easter Offering 2017 PowerPoint Presentation

We’ve created a PowerPoint Presentation to help you effectively explain the Easter Offering in your church service, as there is no video promotion this year. The notes are included in the PowerPoint file, but we have also exported them into a PDF file for you to use as a script if you prefer.

PowerPoint File

PowerPoint Notes 


Walking on Water – A Book Review

When Simon Peter accepted the invitation of Jesus to step out of his fishing boat to walk on water, he unwittingly gave author, Darrell McKerlie, the title for a book. Darrell’s Walking on Water – following Jesus through fear and faith gives a quick clue to the thrust of this beautifully presented book.  It is about Darrell’s acceptance of the same call of Jesus to a life of trust, risk, joy and anxiety. (more…)

Heaven Can’t Wait – Review

Heaven Can’t Wait by Nick and Yvette Wynne is a short and easy to read booklet exploring the journey of life with all the questions it raises. It is presented as a small glossy exposé with ten easy to read chapters in which Nick and Yvette each share significant experiences from their journey into faith in God. These reflections are very honest as they dive into the struggles, doubts and fears that coloured this personal, and at times painful, journey. (more…)

In God’s Service – A Review

In God’s Service: Being a distinctive disciple in your workplace by Andrew Laird & Steve Naoum.

Small Group Study Series.

“If you’ve been in any job for a period of time you’ll know how all-consuming work is. It takes up most of our waking hours and consumes much of our thinking outside the workplace… As Christians… we’re not always sure how our faith is supposed to intersect with our work.” (more…)

Missional Conversation

Good ministry practitioners are in constant conversation about ministry strategy and principles, and in particular, about how to get the Good News of the Gospel across to the people we connect with. One particular conversation that has been going for over a decade now is the missional conversation. Crossover has developed a DVD resource designed to help churches, in particular leadership and ministry teams, to ask and discuss the hard questions about their mission strategy in a post-God generation. (more…)

Out of the Box

An invitation to move into new forms of mission and ministry. “In the story of God’s people, it is often those who dared to imagine a different reality who were crucial in helping their community to move in God’s new direction.” These words introduce Out of the Box, a fresh CD resource to help churches dream up a storm of new ways to express worship and prayer, mission and community. (more…)