To whom much is given

When Christians make a splash in the media, the cause is often less than honourable.

We’re renowned for what we’re against rather than what we’re for, and perceived as several paces behind the leading edge. A court-reporter friend of mine once heard a police prosecutor say that when he hears terms like lawyer or accountant he immediately thinks “fraud;” when he hears the word clergy his first thought is “sexual abuse.” Ouch! Is that how they see us? Imagine for a moment that communities of faith caught the attention of our nation – for good reason. We believe the gospel is still relevant, right? It is still the power of God for the salvation of all who believe? (more…)

To yearn for the wide boundless ocean

This quote by the writer of The Little Prince gets at the nub of the problems many of our churches are facing. Too many church leaders have tried to marshal their members into the technicalities of ship-building – that is church growth – without having first inspired them with a yearning to sail the high seas. Christians, though, should live for the sea. If we can reinvest our members with a yearning for the wide, boundless ocean of mission, the issues associated with building church will be far easier to address. How do we teach people to yearn for the ocean? (more…)