TryPraying Resource Review

Jake turned up at our house along with his mate Rick in the biggest truck I’d ever seen. Their boss had dispatched them to move our belongings from one house to our next home. Working hard and seldom stopping for a break I was impressed with their work ethic and care for every item. (more…)

On mission in the neighbourhood – four spiritual practices

What does it look like to join with God on his mission in the neighbourhood? If we believe that the communities where God has put us are sacred ground, then we will be keen discerners of God’s activity in order to work for his kingdom there.  (more…)

Evangelism: it’s all about prayer

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “evangelism?” Do you think about overseas mission? Do you think about the need for strategy? Or perhaps you cringe at the word because it is something you really don’t think you do very well? (more…)