Is The Gospel A Laughing Matter?

“Some people think it’s difficult to be a Christian and to laugh, but I think it’s the other way around. God writes a lot of comedy; it’s just that he has so many bad actors.” – Garrison Keillor

The nicest thing that has ever been said about my spirituality was in my first year as a Christian. A friend said, “I can see Jesus in your laughter.” And it was true. Encountering Jesus at a time when I had wanted to end my life had a revolutionary effect on me. I was filled with hope and my mourning was replaced with joy. I was subsequently an extremely happy young man. I laughed a lot and made others laugh too. Many things have since been said about my spirituality, none of them quite as complimentary (an occupational hazard of pastors). More to the point, nobody has since connected laughter to my spirituality. (more…)

Why you need to be funny…seriously

It’s hard to be funny under pressure. Hey, it’s hard enough for some of us to be funny at all. But, as this helpful little column will tell you, you absolutely must be funny if you are to reach Australians at all. Must. Or there’s no hope for you. You’ll need to minister in some other country like Switzerland or Canberra. So, no pressure. (more…)

Christians Clown Around

It’s not often you meet a professional clown, let alone two. For twins Peter and David Bissell, clowning is just a part of their extraordinary lives. Each diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at birth, they’ve had more than their fair share of challenges to overcome.  Read on to learn about finding humour in the little things.


Christians in Politics?

Evangelical Christians believe the call of God rests on every believer. We’ve sometimes over-honoured those “called” to pastoral ministry or missionary service, and under-honoured those equally “called” to engage our community in its various structures and networks. PRAC chatted with Senator Guy Barnett (Liberal Senator for Tasmania) and Shayne Neumann MP (Labor Federal Member for Blair), both of whom are active members of Baptist Churches, about their calling to a parliamentary career.  (more…)

God’s business or just busyness?

A church I know was running a large and successful Christmas outreach program and one of the church members involved invited her neighbour. She came along and enjoyed it and, afterwards, said to the church member, “That was a great story about the baby in a manger. I’ve never heard it before. Did you write it?”