Is evangelism at the centre of your Church vision?

Mark Mittelberg maintains that evangelism is “one of the highest values in the church and one of the least practiced”. He writes, “The irony is that while many of us are in churches and denominations that have a rich heritage and strong reputation for evangelism, in many cases, precious little is actually happening. Let’s be honest: in most ministries very few lost people are being reached for Christ.” (more…)

PRAC Magazine – The Evangelists Edition

The latest PRAC Magazine edition focuses on the ministry of the evangelist and the place of the evangelist in local Baptist churches. What happens when you wake up one day to realise that the whole purpose of entering into ministry has changed without you realising it? How do you relate to the Gospel to street sub culture? What happens when you build a sports centre instead of a church? What is a 3rd place ministry and what happens in them? How do you engage people who are not even used to talking let alone talking about spirituality? (more…)

PRAC Autumn Edition

In this issue Wendy Francis from Australian Christian Lobby on the importance of knowing facts about your local community and how that can help shape your mission. Phil Bryant from Western Australia asks if we are on about God’s Business or just busyness. PRAC interviews two politicians who are Christians: Senator Guy Barnett and Shane Neumann MP, and Stan Fetting explores how we often ignore the evangelistic potential of our church fringe and how a new NCLS survey can help us find out more about people who live in the shadow of our church. (more…)

PRAC Summer Edition #62

The Summer Edition (#62) of PRAC is hitting the streets. In this edition of PRAC there are two dominant and overlapping themes. One is Christmas and the opportunity we have to claim it back as a Christian festival and a platform for the presentation of the gospel. The other theme is around doing things as a church for the enjoyment of our local community. There is such a thing as “presence evangelism” whereby a Christian community seeks to represent itself before its neighborhood in a positive light. It’s a subtle and less overt form of evangelism, but helpful in altering people’s perception of the church. Those who drive past our churches have many perceptions of what goes on inside them (if they notice us at all!) and often imagination fills in the blanks. By contrast, when churches do things for the good or pleasure of their wider community negative paradigms are broken down. Churches have moved beyond a “bums on seats” approach to evaluating their effectiveness and, when it comes to planning for healthy and highly missional churches, Australians have a gift that the church worldwide is envious of.  Read it online here or download it to share here.

PRAC Spring Edition

The Spring Edition PRAC magazine is out, and in case you don’t have a copy you can read it online here or download it here (along with back copies).  In this edition there is an eclectic mix of articles about how effective mission is done in our twenty-first century. There’s a challenge about bringing together the presentation of the gospel in both “word” and “deed,” which somehow have tended to drift to polar opposites – when God intended them to work together. (more…)

PRAC Winter Edition

The winter edition of PRAC is out and is currently being distributed to churches.  This issue features Brian Winslade on ‘The Morphing Of Corporate Worship’ with some stinging observations about the abdication of responsibility by pastors in the shaping of corporate worship.  Musician and worship pastor Simon Kennedy paints some interesting parallels between a gig at an RSL club and a church in a thought provoking piece. Dan Harding explains why he is paid to surf Facebook and Stan Fetting challenges the ‘you bring them, we’ll save them’ approach to evangelism. (more…)