Effective Church Websites That Connect – On A Budget

87% of Australians access the internet daily. An effective web presence is an important part of connecting with people outside of your church. You can have a high quality web presence without spending big bucks, or having to know coding. (more…)

Creating An Effective Online Presence For Your Church – On A Budget

79% of Australians access the internet daily. Making a strategic decision to choose a target audience of people who are not members of your church means that the internet can become an important part of your mission reach. But how can you do that to a high quality on a low budget? (more…)

Church Websites That Connect

Most people who check out your church won’t walk through the door, they’ll walk through your virtual door by way of your website and social media content. For many what they will find will either be a stepping stone to continuing a journey of faith inquiry or a barrier that slows down the process. So what makes for a great church website that connects with inquirers? (more…)

Webinars & Podcasts

Crossover runs a variety of webinars to make our resources more accessible for Baptist Church leaders around Australia. The topics include a range of practical skills (like how churches can use facebook effectively) and support discussion topics – like bi-vocational and church planting hang outs with special guests from the relevant fields to give input and advise from their experiences. (more…)

Who are you reaching online?

Making Your Church Web Presence Evangelistic

One of the greatest tools ever made available to Christians is the internet. Many churches however use their web and social media presence as an echo chamber, reaching out mainly to their own people. Churches who are strategic about their web presence are able to use the various platforms as an extension of their evangelistic reach.

Many Australians are not game to enter through the doors of a church. But what if they could have a good look around from a safe distance? Here’s some tips on your web and social media strategy:

1. Target Audience

Have in mind a very clear target audience who your website or social media postings are aimed at. If your aspiration is that your web presence is for people who don’t normally come to church then this should affect your content and language.

2. Engaging Content

Churches are often the best kept secret of many a community. The world outside doesn’t understand what goes on inside, and the media often conjures up an image of a bunch of judgmental people gathering around planning how to stop same sex marriage. The truth is that our churches are the salt and light of their local communities: loving and serving people sacrificially. Within our churches people experience love, acceptance, growth, healing, etc.
Post content that shows the church in action and provide an opportunity for those on the outside looking in to get a better picture of what happens in a church community. Take photos of all you get up to and be as graphic as possible.

3. Contextual Language

In case you haven’t noticed Christians have a language all of their own. If you want your content to be understood first (let alone engaging) you may need to look carefully at the language that you use. In the same way that missionaries study the culture and language of their host culture we need to understand the language those we are trying to reach and adjust accordingly.

4. Invite Response

Don’t just post something, invite or provoke a response through humour and questions. There has to be a ‘so what’ rule run over your content. Each post needs to have a strategic purpose, and must be designed to invite a particular response. Make sure you check your platforms regularly and reply to anyone who engages with you.

5. Keep Up To Date

Nobody visits websites or social media accounts that have old or infrequent content. Keep it bubbling and make sure people are keen to come back for more.


Stan Fetting – Crossover Operations Manager

Facebook Pastors: Interview

Prac interview with Daniel Harding

The missional church values connection to people and the potential of hyper connectivity, offered by social media, should be something that we harness for our benefit. The most prevalent social media platform in the Australian context is Facebook. Crossover Online ran a series of interviews in 2010 with ‘Facebook Pastors’; Pastors who use the medium to great effect in their ministry. One such pastor is Dan Harding, Executive Pastor of City Life Christian Church in Brisbane (Now Life Point Church). We spoke to Dan about the integral part Facebook plays in the life and ministry of City Life. (more…)