Opening our eyes

Pastors love lightbulb moments. Those moments where an insight or a revelation helps make the task of understanding and leading a church community more informed. Craig Corkill, Senior Pastor at Narara Valley Baptist Church had one of those moments in 2011 and it has helped change how he thinks about church and community. Perhaps Craig’s lightbulb moment could lead to one of your own?  (more…)

Wanted – Missional Pastors

We like our pastors to champion evangelism don’t we? Very few of us disagree when they urge us to live missionaly within our community and workplaces. However, problems do arise when pastors practice what they preach. Quite often, there is a not so subtle pressure to look after the flock rather than reach the lost sheep. That after all is what evangelists are for, we pay our pastors to look after ‘us’ and not ‘them’, don’t we? (more…)