Judas, Lady Gaga and The Apostle Paul

She’s overdressed, over-hyped and soon to be over here on a mini-tour.  She made a brief appearance during my sermon this Sunday night as well. In an attempt to engage my audience, I inquired as to who people would choose if they could have somebody famous over to their house to share a meal with some friends. “Lady Gaga!” gushed one girl to the guffaws of those around her.  She seemed oblivious to the distaste that some have for the Lady (particularly within the refined environs of a Baptist church).  I realised there and then that perhaps the Lady has more sway in terms of communication in this particular young life than I do – or any other preacher for that matter.  The Lady Gaga phenomenon is still growing. Andrew Grant is still watching, listening and analysing.  Here’s his latest deconstruction of the Lady: (more…)

Going Gaga Over The Lady #3

It’s worth posting some brief reflections on some of Lady Gaga’s other themes and why they seem to have such resonance and penetration with her target audience.

Paparazzi is the song Lady Gaga performed at the 2009 MTV Music Awards, where later she took the podium to accept an award for the best new talent. The night cemented a mainstream status for her as “weird”, given she accepted her award in a red-crowned dress with her face covered and finished her concert performance with fake blood streaming down her front. (more…)

Going Gaga Over The Lady – #2

Love Game

There’s a quantum leap in the production values between Lady Gaga’s first video, Just Dance, through to the more recent efforts like Telephone and Alejandro. Just Dance is obviously done on a shoestring budget, and shows it, where the latest videos have cost millions.

Just Dance has the same feel as Madonna’s Borderline. The lavish production of the latest videos are like something out of the Like a Prayer incarnation of Madonna. It took 12 months for Gaga to get there, five years for Madonna. It says a bit about the speed of the internet age. (more…)