An invitation too good to refuse

When was the last time you RSVP’d to something by cutting along a dotted line, ticking a box and posting the piece of paper back to your friend?  A wedding from the 90s? A birthday party from the 80s?  Maybe you’ve never had to do it!  (more…)

Jesus the Bloke

It’s not often that in a book about Jesus the first chapter starts off with a quote from the famous Australian film The Castle. That was enough to catch my eye and convince me to read further. (more…)

Is The Gospel A Laughing Matter?

“Some people think it’s difficult to be a Christian and to laugh, but I think it’s the other way around. God writes a lot of comedy; it’s just that he has so many bad actors.” – Garrison Keillor

The nicest thing that has ever been said about my spirituality was in my first year as a Christian. A friend said, “I can see Jesus in your laughter.” And it was true. Encountering Jesus at a time when I had wanted to end my life had a revolutionary effect on me. I was filled with hope and my mourning was replaced with joy. I was subsequently an extremely happy young man. I laughed a lot and made others laugh too. Many things have since been said about my spirituality, none of them quite as complimentary (an occupational hazard of pastors). More to the point, nobody has since connected laughter to my spirituality. (more…)

Christmas Story YouTube Challenge Winners

We have a winner in our Christmas Story YouTube Challenge competition!  After input from four judges each looking at a particular perspective we have chosen our 1st, 2nd & 3rd top videos. (more…)

Lifewell: holistic community ministry

As Christians, we believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is relevant today and is so in every age. We know Jesus is the answer to our world’s hopelessness and yet, too often, church is not the place people turn to in times of deep need. How do we turn this around? (more…)