Who moved the finish line?

You’ve just about reached the finish line of your ministry life, two years away from retirement in a Melbourne church that you have pastored for 18 years. Another two years will make a nice round 20 and you can finally retire and take your foot off the pedal of life. Darrell and Pam McKerlie were in exactly that position but they chose a totally unexpected option. (more…)

Hear Say

Australia is increasingly multi-cultural. Immigration is changing the look and sound of our local demographic. Last year, international students numbered 400,000, and that was in addition to the hundreds of thousands of new immigrant workers who entered the country. Some immigrants come as refugees, fleeing appalling situations in their homeland, others come as highly trained professionals: doctors, nurses, accountants, solicitors, town planners, plumbers, electricians, and so on. And one of their greatest felt needs is the ability to speak English. (more…)

The facts about your area: do you really know them?

Do you have the facts about the community you are seeking to reach? When Paul went into Athens, he had no population data or demographic profiles to help him. But it is abundantly clear that he took time and care to observe the nature of the community into which he took the gospel.