The accidental evangelist

From time to time people are kind enough to tell me of something that I’ve said to them in the past that has had a profound impact on them leading to significant change. As a preacher and evangelist it’s important to hear this feedback, if only for my own authentication. The only problem is that I can never remember saying those words and cannot fathom how I in my own wit and wisdom would have said those things. (more…)

Missional Proximity

Have you ever attempted the Coke-Can Challenge? The idea is to hold a full can of Coke (or indeed any other beverage that is willing to sponsor this blog) out in front of you at full arm’s length, for as long as possible. The can doesn’t weigh much, but (if you’re like me) you’ll find you’re in agony after a couple of minutes. But if it’s close to your body, you could carry it all day. (more…)