Evangelism: more prayed for than practiced

Most Protestant churchgoers say they are eager to talk to others about Jesus, and are praying for opportunities to share their faith. But most say they have not had any evangelistic conversations in the past six months. (more…)

Discipleship Checklist for Churches

Discipleship for churches is a bit like healthy eating for people: we all know we need to but we don’t necessarily have a plan in place and even if we do it’s something we are going to start ‘next week’. (more…)

Is Human Contact Now A Luxury Good?

As someone who has been within the folds of evangelicalism since conversion the notion of ‘presence evangelism’ has always struck me as being somewhat lacking. Unless there is a conversation at some point where the Gospel can be explained and an opportunity given to respond, presence evangelism has always seemed like a nice thing to do, but not very strategic. (more…)

the art of… hanging in there

Sport has a wonderful ability to bring people together, people from all walks of life, of different backgrounds and tongues. That was once again evident after watching the recent football World Cup finals. This was something that really stood out to me (more…)

When The Gospel Is A Laughing Matter

The Gospel of course is no joke, and nor is critical human need that it addresses. However, humour may well be an effective cultural key that can lead to a greater openness to hear and consider the Gospel. (more…)

Faith Sharing and Invitation Amongst Australian Baptists

Crossover  commissioned a number of “Baptist-only” questions related to evangelism in the 2016 NCLS survey that went to Baptist churches.

The first question related to faith sharing readiness. (more…)

Hospitality and Evangelism – A Lost Secret?

Domestic hospitality is a hallmark of the people of God throughout the Bible. (more…)

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Have you noticed that plenty of Baptist churches seem to have missing generations? The solution may just lie in as aspect of church ministry that is often forgotten and put out the back whilst the adults get on with things. (more…)

the art of… listening

Australian Baptists all around the country celebrated of Global Mission through Global Interaction during the month of May. Following on from this, I wanted to share an important skill and trait that I believe is critical for our own discipleship, and that is the skill or, the “art of listening carefully”. It is a skill that I myself was reminded of during May Mission Month (more…)

As you are going: studies in evangelism

There are two obstacles when it comes to training in evangelism.  The first is inspiring people to want to be involved and the second is equipping people to be involved.  (more…)