Digital Missionaries

I remember the days when before heading out onto the mission field candidates would undertake cross-cultural training.  I did so myself in a traditional missionary bible college.  A new breed of missionaries are preparing themselves to enter a global ministry, but only going as far as their study, the smartphone in their pocket or the tablet in their shoulder bag.  Every day over 2 million people search the Internet for answers to their spiritual questions – providing a digital mission field that needs workers to reap the harvest.  I met one recently. (more…)

Facebook Pastors: Interview

Prac interview with Daniel Harding

The missional church values connection to people and the potential of hyper connectivity, offered by social media, should be something that we harness for our benefit. The most prevalent social media platform in the Australian context is Facebook. Crossover Online ran a series of interviews in 2010 with ‘Facebook Pastors’; Pastors who use the medium to great effect in their ministry. One such pastor is Dan Harding, Executive Pastor of City Life Christian Church in Brisbane (Now Life Point Church). We spoke to Dan about the integral part Facebook plays in the life and ministry of City Life. (more…)