Creative Digital Outreach

There’s plenty of pastors blogging and filling the internet with endless hours of podcasts, nothing new under the sun here.  However, some are breaking out of the usual box and trying new ways of using the internet.  Rob Douglas is one of them and he has found a unique way to air classic stories from the Gospels in the guise of interviews with people who have met Jesus.  (more…)

Top 5 Free Essential Web Resources for Churches

They say there’s no such thing a free lunch, but I beg to differ.  The web offers plenty of free lunches which means that churches can save a bucket load of money whilst being made to look good.  Sounds like a deal to me.  Here’s my Top 5 Free Essential Web Resources. See if you agree with me: (more…)

Reaching Out In A networked World – Book Review

I met someone recently who works as a communications manager at a large Baptist church. He described his role as being “responsible for everything you see, hear, and touch” at the church. In particular, he was responsible for ensuring that everything the church communicated was in sync with its missional purpose and with the intended audience in mind.

Lynne Baab’s book helps churches understand the big picture of communications in a church environment and provides some useful guidance on how to put together a more coherent and consistent communications platform. (more…)

Free, easy website software for your church

Getting your church and related groups onto the internet with a great looking, well functioning site is easy nowadays without having to spend thousands of dollars on a site that is made for you by professionals that you can’t update yourself. Open Source Content (free stuff!) has come a long way, and so has the many free platforms that you can use to build sites. Crossover uses WordPress, which is one of the most popular, and the easiest in our humble opinion. Here’s an excellent list with summaries of 33 options for you to look at.

Do You Have To Fix It If It Aint Broke?

Until recently Crossover had a perfectly good website.  You can still access it at  As far as a great looking, static, information based website they don’t come too much better.  It certainly wasn’t broken, so why did we fix it?  Put simply, the Crossover Task Force took a large step forward towards the end of last year by investing in expanding the staff base of Crossover by incuding a communications position.

That’s where I come in. The bar has been set fairly high for me, as we hope to achieve the following: (more…)