Creating An Effective Online Presence For Your Church – On A Budget

79% of Australians access the internet daily. Making a strategic decision to choose a target audience of people who are not members of your church means that the internet can become an important part of your mission reach. But how can you do that to a high quality on a low budget? (more…)

How to be a surprise success at social media

I’m not very good at social media, so I find people who are and copy them. When you don’t have talent, a talent for learning and observation is the next best thing. In my observations as to who rocks at social media, a shock contender for top dog continues to dominate and grow fro strength to strength. It’s not an organisation that necessarily has a good public reputation in the State that I live in, and their usual manner of communication does not sound very engaging at all. In fact, these are the last people you would expect to be on social media and to be such a success at it. And they are… (more…)

Social Media Privacy – new controls good news for churches

The arrival of Google + has been good news for churches who face a range of delicate issues presented by social media. Since Google announced the security features allowing selective broadcast of updates to defined groups, you can bet your bottom dollar that developers at Facebook were burning the midnight oil rushing out similar features to stem the hemorrhaging of users which began with the launching of Google+ which is just in its testing phase and still out of reach of the average user. Facebook have announced a dramatic overhaul of security options and the result is good for your average user and especially social media in the church context. (more…)

The Church’s Voice In A Divided Australia

Australia is going through an interesting phase in its history, and so is the church.  The Left vs Right divide in politics seems as strong as ever evidenced in the debate over carbon tax and refugee asylum policy.  During this particular phase in politics the Greens (thanks to their partnership in a minority government) have been able to advance agendas that have elevated the debate on gay marriage in particular. The secular attack on the church is strong and fought on many fronts. As a movement of churches we find it hard to have collective voice on issues because of the autonomous nature of our structure. However, many of these issues need to be addressed if we are in the business of applying our beliefs and convictions to the issues of the day. Part of the challenge lies in learning how to communicate in the new digital world and choosing which hill to die on. (more…)

When Social Media Can Burn The Church – A Handy Twitter Guide For Churches

Social Media is one of those things we should all be on right? We’ve got to have a presence on Facebook & Twitter right?  We’d appear as if we’re stuck in the mud wouldn’t we? Not necessarily so.  Not understanding the medium well can lead to some disastrous consequences, as one Christian leader found to his expense this week.  And for those churches or leaders who get burned using social media, often it may be the case that the medium is irrelevant to their audience in any case.  All that pain for nothing. (more…)

Twitter -the rise and rise of Digital Narcissism

It’s 2010 and we are all supposed to be up there with the latest digital trends aren’t we? By now we should all have an iPhone 4, and at the very least a Facebook account and if we are really with it: Twitter.

If anyone should be a fan of Twitter it’s me, I am a communications manager after all. Well let me nail my colours to the mast up front: (more…)

Facebook Pastors III – part 2

In this third series (part two) I speak to Mark Broadbent and Dan Harding, both pastors in the City Life Christian Church campuses in Brisbane.  Facebook is the central communication tool of the church and both Dan and Mark use it extensively as a missional tool.  They have some very interesting perspectives on how to use social media strategically, and this edition cover some of the success stories and the downsides to social media. (more…)

Facebook Pastor – Series 2

In this second edition of Facebook Pastor we talk to Wayne Field, pastor of Australind Baptist Church in Western Australia. Wayne is an active user of Facebook as well as a busy blogger who interacts regularly online.  Wayne has some very clear strategies behind how he uses Facebook, especially from a missional point of view. (more…)

Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook has made some changes to what your friends can ‘share’ about you, and just how wide the definition of ‘everyone’ is.  Everyone now means literally everyone!  What we ‘share’ on Facebook with the rest of the internet is usually not done as a conscious decision but through ignorance of privacy settings.  Currently Facebook is on the nose because of the difficulty of being on top of all your privacy settings (there are over 50 tweaks to be made), and also for the ambitious plans of its founder.  Read more from Newsweek and Wired magazine and Yahoo Finance online.

So what does that mean for your average Facebook user?  I would recommend auditing your privacy settings a.s.a.p.  Here’s a helpful guide from Mashable to get you started, and more here and here.

What Is Social Media?

This is an astounding video to watch (and you’ll need to watch it many times, with your finger on the pause button just to take it all in).  Social Media Revolution 2 is a refresh of the original video with new and updated social media & mobile statistics that are hard to ignore. Based on the book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman.  The main point: “social media isn’t a fad it’s a fundamental shift in how we communicate” (more…)