Subway Church

I indulged today and instead of my spartan lunch of tuna on rye bread I splashed out and headed off to my nearest Subway.  The lady in front of me was a pensioner, and it was her first visit to Subway.  She seemed confused by the choice of sandwhich and the rapid fire questions being asked in sequence by the ‘sandwich artist’.  Fear and confusion got the better of her and she pulled out of the queue.  I tried to coax her back in by giving her a brief lesson by pointing out the sequence as displayed on the counter.  It still seemed too overwhelming so she opted to stand back and observe the sequence and decode the language of ordering.  When the queue cleared she ventured back to the counter and began her first ever faltering Subway purchase experience. I’m not sure if she’ll be back.  I will be, cos I know the lingo and can repeat the drill in my sleep.  I wonder if this his how people encounter the church? (more…)